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We just celebrated the opening of our new studio and to make ourselves feel at home there we decided to paint one of the walls and invited the guys from Editude Pictures to document the entire action. Btw. Editude is the force behind the documentary film called »IN THE BELLY OF A WHALE« which will feature a host of really amazing Berlin based artists. The clip that we shot together will, of course, be in the movie. The film will also feature: Neonchocolate Gallery, Georg Roske & Jan-Kristof Lipp, Marleen Hoerig, Lukas Feireiss, Jan Kage (Yaneq), Ann Besier, Pisa73, Christian Rothenhagen, Amos Fricke & Stefan Fähler. Everyone involved in the project was asked what does it mean to be living it out artistically while residing in the belly of the city?

Performance by 44flavours Camera & Edit by editude pictures Music by Robot Koch ft. Graciela Maria – Brujeria