44flavours — 180 Creative Camp

180 Creative Camp

Posted by JR on June 29th 2017 in mural, Workshop

We are looking forward to be part of an amazing week in Abrantes Portugal next week! What can be better than summer in Portugal with a bunch of fairly amazing and talented people?
We will be painting a Mural and hold a kids workshop at 180.camp.
Thanks for reaching out and inviting us again Luis!

44flavours — PORLWI


Posted by JR on December 14th 2015 in mural, Travel

We are right back from the incredible Festival PORLWI by light! We were invited to paint a Mural in Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius.
A big thanks to Jurgen Eric for the invitation!
The days we spent in Mauritius were amazing. We are speechless!



44flavours — Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Posted by JR on September 30th 2014 in mural, painting, Travel, Workshop

We’re happy to have been invited to take part in the Graphic Design Festival Scotland, which will take place from the 22nd to 26th of October in Glasgow. The event follows a festival format and features a host of workshops, competitions, talks, exhibitions, urban mural painting sessions and live stream discussions. The events are participation-based and aim to inspire young designers through active engagement. The goal of the organizers is to promote networking, creativity, learning, collaboration, friendly competition and most importantly, having fun.

We are scheduled to hold a workshop at the event and paint a wall in central Glasgow. We will keep you posted as the event unfolds! Feel free to attend the workshops, apparently there are still a few free places available.