44flavours — Glug Berlin!

Glug Berlin!

Posted by JR on October 20th 2016 in talk

Hey folks! We are pleased to be invited to talk as one of the makers at Glug Berlin tonight! The Event starts at 7pm and will take place at Ahoy, Wattstraße 11!

44flavours — Atelier Sessions 01 — one theme, two angles

Atelier Sessions 01 — one theme, two angles

Posted by JR on May 30th 2016 in music, talk, Workshop

On thursday we started a new project called Atelier-Sessions, which is a serie of lectures, presentations, mini concerts, a meeting of visual and sound artists at our atelier.
Our first guests were our friends the artist Clemens Behr and the singer Graciela Marìa. They decided to find a theme, a common ground and reffered about »BROKEN IN THE FUTURE, PAST & PRESENT«. Thanks to Atilano González for moderating the first round.

We’ve been wondering, for a minute now, why there hasn’t really been an event that facilitated an open dialogue between musicians and visual artists and designers? Clearly the two worlds are interrelated, if not straight co-dependent. On our end, we’ve worked with our musician friends on many different projects over the years, be it art related or those of a commercial nature. We’ve learned a lot through these collaborations and definitely had a lot of fun. We also created some truly amazing things. However, we haven’t really exhausted our curiosity about the world of sound and the interplay of these two disciplines, quite the opposite, actually. To satiate our hunger, we decided to organize a salon style conference to explore this topic further.

Over the span of the coming weeks we’ll invite our friends from the art and music worlds to share their work, as well as the insight and experience gathered along the way. Each panel will feature a musician and a visual artist. It will begin as a discussion between the two, and gradually open up to a debate with the audience. In a typical 44flavours fashion this is a project about bringing beautiful people together in a cozy environment, to inspire each other and to see where it takes us.
Curated by 44flavours.

Atelier Sessions 01 took place on
Thursday 26th of May at 7pm
at 44flavours Atelier
Lobeckstr. 30-35
Door B, 2nd floor, room 205
10969 Berlin – Kreuzberg

44flavours — FORM FOLLOWS FUN!


Posted by JR on May 4th 2016 in talk

We are happy to announce, that we will be holding a talk in our former University FH Bielefeld! It took almost a decade to come back to the place, where we once met and started to experiment and then work together as a team!


Fast ein Jahrzehnt haben Sebastian Bagge & Julio Rölle alias 44flavours gebraucht um mal wieder an ihrer ehemaligen Fachhochschule halt zu machen. In der Zwischenzeit ist einiges passiert und so berichten die beiden über die verschiedenen Ausdrucksformen ihrer Zusammenarbeit und wie sie es geschafft haben 14 Jahre lang nie den Spaß daran zu verlieren.
Die Zwei zeigen exklusive Einblicke hinter die Kulissen und lüften das Geheimnis darüber, warum Eitelkeit und Egoismus nicht immer die erste Geige spielen müssen.

Fachhochschule Bielefeld,
Fachbereich Gestaltung, Videostudio (R 401),
Lampingstraße 3, 33615 Bielefeld
Facebook Event


44flavours — Talk! At Kunsthochschule Weissensee :)

Talk! At Kunsthochschule Weissensee :)

Posted by JR on December 14th 2015 in talk, Talk/Lecture

We happy to be invited to talk about our work on wednesday at 5pm at Kunsthochschule Weissensee.
The talk will be held within the context of the series of lectures by the name of sprechen über.