44flavours — A topographic landscape, painted

A topographic landscape, painted

Posted by SB on October 10th 2021 in Installation/Sets

Concentrico Festival, Logroño 2021

Discovering cities, embracing the architecture from the perspective of a painter, a skater or a graffiti writer is different, because they none of them would go to the same places as a typical tourist or traveler.
The way of observing their surrounding is different: every corner is a potential spot, an inspiration or something that leads to a new idea. It could be a new board trick or a way to scan the different structures and colours of those particular surfaces.

As someone who’s into painting, skateboarding and writing, you look for nichesand read the surfaces of buildings. You try to define the potential of theses urban landscapes.
Each surface is an opportunity to re-imagine or redefine it.

This brings us to the concept of how we thought about our project in Logroño, how can we intervene, how can we occupy or reclaim the city by applying our philosophy.
Where skaters, writers or artists are relates to where life is.
We saw this so many times already, areas that were abandoned that didn’t have much quality of life about them, there we were always the first people to discover the potential and to improvise and make the best out of it on a limited budget. All theses social micro interventions can’t really be planed, they grow naturally point to the potential of the location.
The creativity and endurance to try again and again, to fail, to make mistakes and to eventually achieve your goals. To be open to learning and enduring. The loyalty, cohesion, the exchange, it’s all a part of a philosophy that we absorbed by being part of the graffiti and skateboard scenes. This was supplemented and enhanced by our work as artists.

With this project we would like to give something back, to find the potential of this area in Logroño, to hopefully bring life back to this place. We want do this with our work ie. via the power of color. We want to broadcast the idea that this place is more than just a parking lot…

? Joséma Cutillas
Paint supply: Matias Jadraque

Goethe Institut Madrid

44flavours — Watt En Schlick Fest

Watt En Schlick Fest

Posted by JR on July 31st 2018 in Installation/Sets, music

For the next couple of days we will be working at Watt En Schlick Festival again. This year we will be working on 3 different Installations.
Keep yourself updated on our Instagram Account.



Posted by JR on July 17th 2017 in Installation/Sets

We are pleased to announce, that we will be part of  WATT EN SCHLICK FEST. We will creating an installation on a swimming stage. If it happens, that you’ll be in the very north of Germany come and hang out with us on the festival!

44flavours — Sacred Ground Festival

Sacred Ground Festival

Posted by JR on July 6th 2015 in Installation/Sets, music, Party

We’re glad to be invited to build an Installation at the Sacred Ground Festival.
Make sure to be one of the few guests. They sell only 800 tickets plus theses tickets are affordable and the line-up is great!
What are you waiting for? See you next saturday!