No Art No Street

3rd Act

No Art No Street, 3rd Act
We were happy to witness the 3rd act of the No Art No Street project finally see the light of day. In this chapter we explain the idea behind one of the walls that we had painted – previously shown – and discuss teamwork vs working alone, how the city inspires us and how it changes over time, and with the arrival of new artists.

NO ART NO STREET is a documentary series that explores the idea of walls percieved as paintings – the way they come into being and evolve between urban micro-interventions and the exchange between artists. The documentary focuses on the urban art movement in Paris and Berlin. The camera moves through the streets of these two cities accompanied by the voices of interviewed artists: graffiti artists, poster artists and visual artists of all walks. The main characters of the film, however, are the walls that connect all of these individuals.