Group Exhibition — Hamburg

44flavours — CYAN / ANTHRACITE
Installation view

We were invited to participate at the Cyan/Anthracite exhibition – an international group show centered around skating and surfing culture. The show was presented by the Affenfaust Galerie and Cyan Projects , and took place in Hamburg.

We decided to show a series of 6 works on paper that taken from our Airbrush/WoodPrint series.

Vernissage: FRI 04.03.2016 – 20:00
Runtime: 04.03.2016–13.03.2016
Opening Hours: WED, THU, SAT & SUN 14–18:0


Ben Cook
Benjamin Jean Jean
Ben Thé
Broken Fingaz
César Ancelle Hansen
Dave the Chimp
David Claußen
Fabian Wolf
H.Y.T. Studio
Jérôme Romain
Kottie Paloma
Lukas Gansterer
Lycien-David Cséry
Marcus Schild
Michele Buss
Monica Garza
Oscar Delmar
Pablo Cots
Polly Bosworth
Primoz Zorko
Sergej Vutuc
Simon Frank
Tomek Niewiadomski

44flavours — CYAN / ANTHRACITE
44flavours — CYAN / ANTHRACITE
44flavours — CYAN / ANTHRACITE
44flavours — CYAN / ANTHRACITE
„Skaters by their very nature are urban guerrillas:
they make every day use of the useless artifacts of the technological burden, and employ the handiwork of the government/corporate structure in a thousand ways that the original architects could never dream of.“

(Craig Stecyk, 1976)
44flavours — CYAN / ANTHRACITE